Enhance city guides and venue recommendation websites using foot traffic data

BestTime.app Radar tool

Advanced venue sorting and filtering

BestTime also has tools to analyze venues in whole areas based on their foot traffic forecasts. This makes it possible to filter venues on specific criteria like foot traffic intensity, day, hour, dwell time, venue rating, number of reviews, venue category, and more. These filters cannot only be used on the BestTime website but also be integrated into your own website or app using the software API. Wouldn’t it be cool to for example show your users automatically:

  • The busiest bars on a Wednesday evening in a specific neighborhood
  • Quiet museums on Sunday afternoon
  • The busiest days in recommended restaurants and the time when tables are most scares.

More information

Please contact us regarding your use case. Also, check out the BestTime.app website and the demo.



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Mick Vermaat

Mick Vermaat

Making cool things —@ Netherlands Aerospace Centre @ VerAero Technologies